HUD/REAC Inspection
Check List
Inspectable Area: SITE
Fencing and Gates Damaged/Falling/Leaning
Grounds Erosion/Rutting Areas/Overgrown/Penetrating Vegetation
Electrical Hazards – Exposed Wires/Open Panels
Hazards – Tripping
Mailboxes/Project Signs Mailbox Missing/Damaged
Market Appeal Graffiti/Litter
Parking Lots/Driveways/Roads Cracks
Play Areas and Equipment Damaged/Broken Equipment
Refuse Disposal Broken/Damaged Enclosure-Inadequate Outside Storage
Retaining Walls Damaged/Falling/Leaning
Walkways/Steps Broken/Missing Hand Railing
Inspectable Area: EXTERIOR
Damaged Hardware/Locks/Holes/Paint/Rusting/Glass
Damaged/Missing Screen/Storm/Security Door
Foundations Cracks/Gaps/exposed rebar
Health and Safety Electrical Hazards – Exposed Wires/Open Panels
Lighting Broken Fixtures/Bulbs
Roofs Damaged Soffits/Fascia/clogged drains
Damaged/Torn Membrane/Missing Ballast
Missing/Damaged Components from Downspout/Gutter
Missing/Damaged Shingles/Ponding
Windows Broken/Missing/Cracked Panes/Screens
Inspectable Area: Building Systems
Domestic Water Leaking Central Water Supply
Misaligned Chimney/Ventilation System/Missing Pressure Relief Valve
Rust/Corrosion on Heater Chimney
Electrical System Blocked Access/Improper Storage
Missing Breakers/Fuses/Covers
Emergency Power Auxiliary Lighting Inoperable
Fire Protection Missing Sprinkler Head
Missing/Damaged/Expired Extinguishers
Health & Safety Air Quality – Mold and/or Mildew Observed
Air Quality – Propane/Natural Gas/Methane Gas Detected /Sewer Odor
Electrical Hazards – Exposed Wires/Open Panels
Flammable Materials – Improperly Stored
HVAC Boiler/Pump Leaks
Misaligned Chimney/Ventilation System
Roof Exhaust System Roof Exhaust Fan(s) Inoperable
Sanitary System Broken/Leaking/Clogged Pipes or Drains
Missing Drain/Cleanout/Manhole Covers
Inspectable Area: Common Areas
Basement/Garage/Carport Baluster/Side Railings – Damaged
Closet/Utility/Mechanical Cabinets – Missing/Damaged
Halls/Corridors/Stairs Ceiling – Holes/Missing Tiles/Panels/Cracks
Ceiling – Peeling/Needs Paint/Bulging
Patio/Porch/Balcony Doors – Damaged Hardware/Locks
Restrooms/Pool Structures Doors – Damaged Surface (Holes/Paint/Rust/Glass)
Doors – Deteriorated/Missing Seals (Entry Only)
Doors – Missing Door
Dryer Vent -Missing/Damaged/Inoperable
Electrical – Blocked Access to Electrical Panel
Electrical – Missing Breakers/missing covers/Inop. GFI
Floors – Missing Floor/Tiles
HVAC – Convection/Radiant Heat System Covers Missing/Damaged
HVAC – General Rust/Corrosion
Lighting – Missing/Damaged/Inoperable Fixture
Outlets/Switches/Cover Plates – Missing/Broken
Plumbing – Leaking Faucet/Pipes/Clogged drains
Range Hood /Exhaust Fans – Excessive Grease/Inoperable
Range/Stove – Missing/Damaged/Inoperable
Refrigerator – Damaged/Inoperable
Smoke Detector – Missing/Inoperable
Stairs – Broken/Missing Hand Railing
Ventilation/Exhaust System – Inoperable
Walls – Bulging/Buckling/damaged/water stains/mold
Water Closet/Toilet – Damaged/Clogged/Missing
Windows – Cracked/Broken/Missing Panes/Inoperable
Windows – Peeling/Needs Paint
Windows – Security Bars Prevent Egress
Pools and Related Structures Fencing – Damaged/Not Intact
Trash Collection Areas Chutes – Damaged/Missing Components
Inspectable Area: Unit
Lavatory Sink – Damaged/Missing stoppers
Plumbing – Clogged Drains/Leaking Faucet/Pipes
Shower/Tub – Damaged/Missing
Ventilation/Exhaust System – Inoperable
Water Closet/Toilet – Damaged/Clogged/Missing
Call-for-Aid Inoperable
Ceiling Bulging/Buckling/holes
Doors Damaged Frames/Threshold/Lintels/Trim/Locks
Damaged/Missing Screen/Storm/Security Door
Damaged Surface – Holes/Paint/Rusting/Glass/Missing door
Deteriorated/Missing Seals (Entry Only)
Electrical System Blocked Access to Electrical Panel
GFI – Inoperable NLT
Missing Breakers/Fuses /covers
Floors Bulging/Buckling/damaged
Missing Flooring Tiles/Rot/Deteriorated Subfloor/Stains/mold
Electrical Hazards – Exposed Wires/Open Panels
Emergency Fire Exits – Emergency/Fire Exits Blocked/Unusable
Flammable Materials – Improperly Stored
Garbage and Debris – Indoors /outdoors
Hazards – Sharp Edges /Tripping
Infestation – Insects /rats/mice
Hot Water Heater Misaligned Chimney/Ventilation System/inoperable
Pressure Relief Valve Missing/Rust/Corrosion /leaks
HVAC System Convection/Radiant Heat System Covers Missing/Damaged
Misaligned Chimney/Ventilation System
Kitchen Cabinets – Missing/Damaged/counters
Dishwasher/Garbage Disposal – Inoperable
Plumbing – Leaking Faucet/Pipes /clogged
Range Hood/Exhaust Fans – Excessive Grease/Inoperable
Range/Stove – Missing/Damaged/Inoperable
Laundry Area (Room) Dryer Vent – Missing/Damaged/Inoperable
Lighting Missing/Inoperable Fixture
Missing/Broken Cover Plates/outlets
Patio/Porch/Balcony Baluster/Side Railings Damaged
Smoke Detector Missing/Inoperable
Stairs Broken/Damaged/Missing Steps/Broken/Missing Hand Railing
Walls Bulging/Buckling/damaged/stains
Windows Cracked/Broken/Missing Panes /Inoperable