GPNA/Energy Audits

Green Physical Needs Assessment

The GPNA is an extensive analysis of the property, and an estimate of the costs to maintain the property over time.

All major building systems – building envelope, exterior, site, interior finishes, architectural items, etc – are reviewed during a GPNA, on the site. The useful life of the building components are estimated, along with the remaining useful life, to determine when each building component will need to be replaced.

Costs are projected into the future, as well as replacement costs.

A 20 year time frame for analysis is typically used.

The main goal of the GPNA is to help the property to be more energy efficient and environmentally conscious, over a period of time.

Energy Audits
When you utilize our partner who performs the energy audits, we will provide you with all the information you need to keep you apartments efficient.
Our clients are very pleased with the results of our energy audits and in keeping with the Federal Register 24 CFR regarding Energy Audits & Energy Conservation Measures.