NSPIRE/UPCS Training Seminars

UPCS Training

The Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) training course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to properly inspect Public Housing Agency (PHA) Program units. This interactive and comprehensive training, which discusses specifications of the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) and the inspector’s roles and responsibilities, enhances participants’ knowledge of and abilities to meet new challenges and procedures related to using Uniform Physical Condition Standards.

The objectives of UPCS training course is to:

  • Identify the work skills necessary for inspecting public housing sites and dwelling units;
  • Facilitate an understanding of how proper inspection work skills can increase a housing agency’s capacity to meet its mission to provide safe housing;
  • Increase participants’ understanding of the interrelationship of PASS and PHAS;
  • Provide a foundation for the changes in the system as it relates to Asset Management;
  • Increase participants’ familiarity with and understanding of UPCS procedures and inspection forms; and
  • Provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate their agency’s current inspection operation, including the identification of strengths, weaknesses, and growth potential, and to identify goals and solve problems related to conducting UPCS inspections.

Housing inspectors, preventative maintenance inspectors, and new and seasoned inspectors will learn:

  • What impact the UPCS has on an agency’s overall PHAS score
  • The Inspector’s roles and responsibilities
  • Systems or methods to improve PASS scores
  • UPCS definitions, including site, exterior, systems, common areas, & unit.
  • Annual inspection overview, how to prepare for the inspection and the inspection itself.
  • Thirty most common deficiencies
  • New HUD, NIS (Not Industry Standards) & what it means
  • New items to watch for the next REAC inspection
  • Field work to learn how to identify potential HUD REAC deficiencies
  • Communication of deficiencies to site management staff & site maintenance
  • Proper protocol of the HUD REAC inspector
  • Time running out – how to quickly get ready for the HUD REAC inspector.
  • Review of the new 4.0 HUD REAC program & how the inspector determines the Level of deficiency.