We have PHA annual inspectors to serve any area in the country. All inspections are done on DCD computers with complete computer generated reports. We offer timely updates on change in REAC protocol.
Mortgage Company REAC Inspections – Our inspectors are REAC Certified. All inspections are done with modern DCD computers. Click here to request a rate quote.
The HUD certified inspectors at Midwest Inspections have completed thousands of REAC inspections. Inspectors are updated regularly on any changes in the program or protocol.
UPCS Fundamentals Inspection Class

We supply all personnel and equipment to conduct the UPCS Fundamentals Inspection Class for the Housing Authority/Mortgage Company covering the following areas:
•    UPCS definitions, including site, exterior, systems, common areas, & unit.
•    Annual inspection overview, how to prepare for the inspection and the inspection itself.
•    Planning workload form the inspection to maintenance
•    Twenty most common deficiencies
•    New items to watch for the reac inspection
•    Field work to learn how to identify potential hud reac deficiencies
•    Communication of deficiencies to site management staff & site maintenance.
•    Proper protocol of the hud reac inspector
•    The appeal process & items most sites appeal.
•    Time running out-how to quickly get ready for the hud reac inspector.
* Field inspections, hands on training, in all 5 categories.
* Verbal exam, questions & answers.


The following guidance and clarifications are provided as part of REACs continuing effort to minimize the variances in the application of the UPCS protocols and definitions.