Unit: Electrical System

Tripped Breakers: Is there a protocol to provide for the property to reset a tripped breaker for electrical devices or equipment?

Disposals: If the garbage disposal is tripped the inspector will allow the POA to press the reset button; if it works there is no deficiency. However, if the POA has to use any tools to make repairs to the garbage disposal, it is a defect.

GFIs: Must be tested and reset by the inspector per the CB.

Tripped Breaker: The POA can reset a tripped breaker as long as the breaker does not affect a life safety item such as a call-for-aid or smoke detector and there will be no deficiency observed.

Note: The inspector should never turn on any breaker that is found to be in the “off” or “tripped” position, since he/she is not sure what appliance or dangerous condition that it might create (e.g. turns on stove). The POA should be given the option to turn on any breakers that are off. The exception to this is the testing of the GFCI and AFCI protected breakers.

If a garbage disposal is missing the plate underneath it, is this recorded as exposed wires? If it exposes bare wires and/or bare connections it is an electrical defect.

Unplugged Appliances: Do we need to verify whether an unplugged appliance, such as a dryer, is in use or not? The Inspector must use their best judgement based for this situation.

Can caulk be used anywhere in the panel/fuse box? No. This is a defect. The introduction of a foreign material into this type of device is not an acceptable repair. It shall be recorded in the appropriate inspectable area as an “H&S – Electrical Hazard” under “Opening in the electrical panel are not properly covered”.